Immersive Yoga Classes

Audio Visual Design

One-of-a-kind immersive yoga experiences that engulf students in sound, movement, and light that lets students disconnect from the outside world and focus inward.


This concept has been my brainchild for over 3 years. It started from a desire to create a healthy alternative to music events, clubs, festivals, and concerts where people could come together, foster community, and feel good by alleviating pains and aches through yoga and mindful movement – all while being engulfed in lighting and sound design. After class, students come together to enjoy mocktails and other non-alcoholic beverages while listening to music or a DJ.

To achieve this goal, I became a yoga instructor, learned lighting design, learned how to create audio-reactive visuals, and learned how to DJ to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Yoga teacher doing yoga in front of ambient lights



To create a holistic experience, I first had to understand the foundation of teaching a yoga class. To do this, I signed up for a yoga teacher training and became a 200-Hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). Through this training I learned about anatomy and how to modify poses for all types of levels and fitness levels, how to sequence a yoga class creatively and safely, and learned about the mind and body benefits of a consistent yoga practice.  


I already had experience creating audio-reactive visuals for clubs and music events using TouchDesigner and Resolume, but as this was a different environment, I had to create entirely new concepts. The main considerations for this type of project was that the 1. participant would be in a fixed location in the room; 2. the visuals should be ambient as to not distract students from the poses, and 3. Should feel reflective of the music that is playing to feel more like a cohesive experience.  


As my intention for the lighting was to be ambient, I wanted to create a liquid-like effect that would pulse with the music so the participant could see that it was reactive, but it wouldn’t be too distracting. 


Music was the final key. My first iteration of this project used a Spotify playlist to cross fade songs, but as I got more advanced, I wanted more control over the music and how the songs came together. In order to do that, I bought a DJ controller and taught myself how to DJ to create hour long sets that I could program to be audio-reactive. This also allowed me to pre-record the hour-long playlists and syphon the music through my programs to avoid hiring another DJ or trying to DJ simultaneously while teaching the class.


I am also in talks with bringing this experience to the Envelop SF studio at the Midway in San Francisco. Envelop SF is a next-generation 32-speaker immersive audio venue that allows the audience to be within the music. Below is a video of the lighting design for this type of workshop at the venue. Due to COVID, this is still on hold but hopefully will be live in 2022. 

Photo of 32-speaker immersive audio venue
Photo Source: Envelop SF