Product Designer

As the sole designer at a up-and-coming startup, I needed to wear lots of hats. I created the brand identity, designed the andoid and iOS app, designed marketing materials, and designed multiple web dashboards and marketing pages.


Eden created software to connect office managers with local vendors to run their office more smoothly with the complete suite of software to manage the hybrid workplace. By using the wall-mounted iPad app or online customer dashboard, office managers can manage their office-space efficiently with recurring work orders and customized notifications. The online dashboard also allowed office-managers to track repairs and maintenance appointments, easily and conveniently. With Eden Workplace, you can connect with over 2,000 local service providers in 25 major global metro areas.

Eden is based in San Francisco and investors include Y Combinator, Bessemer Venture Partners, Fifth Wall, S28 Capital, Reshape and JLL.

Interaction Design

I was responsible for designing the UI and UX of all of the websites and dashboards customers and internal staff used.

The dashboards I designed included: the customer dashboard used by customers to submit and mange their office requests; the internal employee dashboard used by the Eden team to manage scheduling, and the internal vendor dashboard used by vendors to view and manage their upcoming appointments. Each dashboard was optimized for both desktop and mobile use.


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Wall Mounted iPad App

I was responsible for designing the customer dashboard used by customers to submit and mange their office requests; the employee dashboard used by our team to manage scheduling, and used by employees to manage their upcoming appointments; and the iPad app that was installed in office buildings nationally for employees to submit requests to their admin.

Eden iPad Installed in Offices

The eden iPad was wall mounted in numerous offices around San Francisco, New York and other metropolitan areas. These following photos feature the iPad mounted in an office with active requests and upcoming Eden cleaning and handyman appointments.

The iPad app served as a way to help admins learn of service requests from employees such as when a bathroom needed repair, when food and office supplies were low, and other miscellaneous requests. Prior to this, employees at a company would tell office managers their requests in a myriad of different ways which could get lost or forgotten.

The Eden iPad app created a communication platform between the employee requesting the service or item and the admin in an organized and efficient way. Another benefit of using Eden's services was that they supplied many of these services. If an admin learned that there was an office repair needed, they could request a repair or cleaning through Eden.

Landing Screen

As the iPad was wall mounted in a customer's office, the focus of my design was to be minimally invasive, but still appealing to customers so they'd interact with it - all while providing value. The main focus of the landing screen is the time and the weather so employees could learn about these key features at a glance but not distract from their other tasks. The background colors would gently transition through cooling colors like light blues and light turquoise to represent tranquility and calmness.

Request Screen

After tapping on the home screen, office employees can request food items, office supplies, essentials, custom items or services from the app.
Ultimately, the office admin would approved or deny the requests on their Eden desktop customer dashboard, and then employees would receive emails if their request was approved or denied.


Customers can view upcoming service appointments from the app. This was helpful for customers to know when their office space was scheduled to be cleaned or had upcoming maintenance requests.

Branding & Identity

I was responsible for integrating and updating eden's branding and identity while maintaining their existing logo and brand colors. I achieved this by creating new website and dashboards, marketing materials, and overseeing photography to achieve a unified brand identity that felt consistent and cohesive.